Tokyo Motor Show 2017

As soon as I arrived into the immense Tokyo Big Sight, I went directly to the Toyota stand to find that they were presenting more than 6 concept cars while I was talking with Fabio Filippini, ex Vice President Design at Pininfarina. ‘They (Japanese people) are still living in their own world, with their own traditions and culture, and we have to let them do it.’ he said.

It was true, I looked around the new Toyota Century, a large four-door limousine produced mainly for the Japanese market, the Japanese Rolls Royce, impressed by the very classical and traditional style of the 60’s, seats covered with wool and hand-knit lace antimacassars and privacy curtains, real curtains! Anyone and everyone could tell how much class it had.

From a surprisingly seducing electric coupe to a motorcycle with artificial intelligence, the 2017 Tokyo Motor Show had something for any enthusiast interested in looking five, ten, or more years into the automotive future.

Innovative technologies are emerging in a rapid succession, relationships between people and motor vehicles are diversifying. The Tokyo Motor Show is evolving as well, to become a more influential event playing a notably relevant role in the next-generation mobility.

The slogan of the event was “Beyond The Motor”, a way to express that there was something more than transporting people, it was a way to express that they were capable to move a society forward, conquering new opportunities for innovation and that they were ready to discover the next direction in the context of our rapidly changing world.

The planet was receiving its biennial boost of Japanese weirdness, from crazy concept cars through to the most implausible mobility technology:

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